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Intergalactic Nemesis


New School Old School

Intergalactic Nemesis is hard to explain.  Here’s a trailer (with an introduction by Conan O’Brian, no less!):


This live performance is a deliberately old-school radio show –  with visuals.  There is a screen which shows scenes from a graphic novel.   On the stage, there are 3 stations.  Station on the right is a piano player who plays old fashioned radio-y mood music.  Station in the middle is a sound effects person who mimics all sorts of things – trains, rain, thunder, etc.  Station on the left consists of 3 actors who voice the parts shown via the graphics.  The net effect is a dramatized radio broadcast.  It’s all very deliberately cheesy and dramatic, in a Raiders of the Lost Ark sort of way.

We liked, but did not love it.  The whole program seemed like a big of a gimmick, albeit an enjoyable one.  Manufacturered old time effects seem a tad, well, manufactured!  It is a little bit like Prairie Home Companion, which I have to admit I am not a fan of (and where this show may have gotten its start).  But all the components of the show – the actors, the sound effects and the pianist – were dandy.  I just thought it all a bit of a schtick.

Rating:  ** (out of ****)