Stranger Than Fiction


On My Top Ten List

My 15 year old son had never seen Stranger Than Fiction.  So last night we watched it.   Over the years I have seen this movie many times.  It is one of my all time favorites.  Here’s why.

Amazing Acting.  All the performances are first rate.  Will Ferrell plays a straight man (in fact, the ultimate straight man – an IRS tax collector) who unwittingly becomes the main character in a novel.  Other actors include Emma Thompson as the writer of the novel with a major case of writer’s block, Queen Latifah as her assistant, Maggie Gyllenhaal as a tax-averse baker, and Dustin Hoffman as an English professor/occasional lifeguard.  All are a joy to watch.  Truly.

Wonderful Writing.  The movie is all about art, life, and the intersection of the two.  The story is creative, unusual and thought-provoking.  Unlike most films, the ending is extremely strong.

Surreal Soundtrack.  The quirky soundtrack helps set the tone of this odd, wonderful film.

My son asked me whether this movie received any critical acknowledgement when it came out in 2006.  My understanding is that it was fairly under-the-radar but over the years has garnered support.  With this post, I am attempting to add to the buzz (hey I may be a little late but it’s my blog!)  See Stranger Than Fiction.

Rating:  **** (out of ****)


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